Educational Background

  • Doctor degree/Dr. (2007):IPB University, Indonesia. Program: Forest Science. Specialization: Wood Science. Thesis: Wood Stiffness and Bending Strength Analysis Based on Non Destructive Testing of Ultrasonic Wave Method and Destructive Testing. Supervisors: Prof. Surjono Surjokusumo, Dr. Naresworo Nugroho, Prof. Yusuf Sudo Hadi
  • Master of Science in Tropical Forest/MSc.Forest Trop. (2001):University of Goettingen, Germany. Program: Forestry in The Tropics and Subtropics. Specialization: Wood Science. Thesis: Tannin from Acacia mangium as a Bonding Agent in Resin Systems.  Supervisors: Prof. E. Roffael, Dr. Thomas Schneider and Prof. Suminar S. Achmadi
  • Bachelor of Forestry/S.Hut (1997):IPB University, Indonesia. Program: Forestry. Specialization: Forest Products Technology. Thesis: The Effect of Plastization Treatment on Phisical and Mechanical Properties of Bending Agathis Wood (Agathis loranthifolia). Supervisors: Ir. TR. Mardikanto; Dr. Sucahyo Sadiyo; Prof. (R). Bambang Subiyanto